Update a Magellan GPS device with latest ways
Published by Administrator May 12, 2020

Update a Magellan GPS device with latest ways

Today our surroundings are changing and developing new areas such as streets, routes, locations, parks, highways, fuel stations, restaurants, and more. So keep to up to date GPS device is very important for every user. With the latest GPS update, you can reach your destination without missing a place or wasting your time.  Magellan GPS devices use a firmware application that is installed on your PC system also call content manage to manage your GPS updates.

Content Manager in Magellan GPS device

Recently Magellan GPS device uses the content manager to keep the update Map data and software up to date. Content Manager is the application-based program you can download and install free of cost from the Magellan website.

After install, the content manager will show some alerts to update the latest software update and tell for the latest version download here. Actually, content managers work like intercommunication between Magellan service, and GPS device. It keeps saving information addresses and routes of map data for future uses.

Free download the Magellan Map update

To download the Magellan GPS update, you have to need to download and install content managers on your computer system. This type of software develops by Magellan Company itself. You can easy methods to operate and control your dashboard with a Magellan GPS device.

Now we can discuss How to Download the Magellan Content Manager

Download the Magellan Content Manager

Open your browser on your computer system and go to the official website Magellan GPS.

You look, here content manager application is available for both computer windows and Mac operating systems.

You can choose here operating system as per your choice and click on the Download click for computer windows.

Open the download of the file and run the software for install.

You will then start the installation process to install the Magellan content manager.

Some on-screen prompts instruction will open like as current locations, language, and more.

Select on-screen instruction and precede further instructions.

Don't skip any step during any installation and complete the installation process.

Download and install Magellan GPS map update

After download GPS and installation by follow all instructions. 

Restart the system and GPS device.

If you are using a window computer then connect the computer and the GPS device via USB cable.

Open the content Manager Application make sure internet connection with working conditions.

Login the account with the content manager application using login detail and password.

If you have no login detail or password then register the GPS device with content manager application through by "+" button.

Magellan content manager application shows some available update for your GPS device.

Choose the latest update and select for the new update to download.

Follow all on page instruction and download the complete the process.

Please don’t skip any instructions.

After downloading the Magellan GPS map updates, you will don’t disconnect your device immediately.

And wait until complete the on-screen instructions.

Click the complete process by the finish on the button.

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